• Martini is packaged in 750ml bottles and 6 bottles in a carton
  • Martini is world famous! It is from Italy & available in 4 unique variants including Sweet(Asti), Medium Dry(Rose), Dry (Brut) and Extra Dry (Prosecco)
  • Each variants has its own distinctive taste, colour and alcohol content – Asti (7.5%), Rose (9.5%), Brut and Prosecco (11%)
  • Martini Sparkling wines are packed in easy to hold-and-serve bottles


  • Martini uses grapes from the Asti region of Italy only.
  • It is produced using the Martignotti method which is similar to the Champagne method
  • 2 fermentations (not 1 like other sparkling wines) giving softer bubbles and a champagne character
  • It is awarded DOC(G) status – meaning it is made in a certain way, certain region & from a special grape
  • Like Champagne, Martini is a celebratory drink – best enjoyed with food in the company of friends & family