• MARTINI®Bitter comes in the iconic style 100cl Martini bottle
  • MARTINI®is the oldest & most famous Bitters brand – it has been around for 150 years!


  • MARTINI®Bitter is the leading Italian bittersweet, herbaceous quinine tasting drink with natural ingredients such as Gentian, Cascarilla, sweet orange peels, leaves, roots and barks extracts
  • MARTINI® Bitterhas a base of pure neutral alcohol. It has a natural red crimson colour, obtained from maturing from aromatic herbs and bitter wood
  • It has the extra sweetness underneath the quinine bitterness which makes it easy to drink neat and balances well with other mixers including juice, beer and cocktails without taking over the taste of such final drinks.
  • Its high quinine content makes it very popular in hot climates, as it has significant anti-malaria properties