• Dewar’s Whisky is the MOST AWARDED Scotch Whisky in the world!
  • Every bottles comes embossed with some of its 500 medals and awards. The First was awarded in Edinburgh in 1886 – 130 years ago!
  • Dewar`s is available in 75cl pack sizes and in 4 variants from:
  1. Dewar`s White Label
  2. Dewar`s 12 Years
  3. Dewar`s 15 Years
  4. Dewar`s 18 Years
  • Dewar`s White Label is also available in 20cl


  • Dewar`s is a blended scotch whisky made from a blend of up to 40 of Scotland`finest single malts
  • Dewar’s is a ‘True Scotch’ because its produced by a family business established in 1846 by John Dewar and expanded by his sons in the late 1800s – 1900s
  • Dewar’s has a full and well-rounded taste, with notes of honey & rich fruit. It has a delicate floral aroma with a silky finish!