• ‘Bacardi’ is the largest rum brand in the world & most awarded, with more than 100 Gold medals
  • The ‘Rum of Kings and Kings of Rum’. On every bottle of BACARDÍ there is the royal coat of arms of the Spanish Royal family, since it is their official purveyor
  • It is available in 4 variants – Bacardi Superior, Bacardi Gold, Bacardi Oakheart and Bacardi 8.
  • The Bacardi range is packaged in either 75cl or 100cl bottles and 12 bottles in a carton. While Bacardi Superior and Bacardi Gold are also available in 18cl affordable formats
  • Bacardi is packaged in new bottle designs which pay tributes to Don Facundo Bacardí Massó and the legacy of his rum; showcasing stories of the Bacardí family and history over 153 years


  • Bacardi Rum is produced by the Don Facundo Bacardi pioneering process of making Rum
  • Bacardi Superior was the original `Cuban Style` rum and is still made to the same recipe as the original in 1862 using La Levadura Bacardi – the oldest cultured Cuban yeast strain, giving:
  • BACARDÍ Superior, a light, floral and fruity white rum ideal for mixing;
  • BACARDÍ Gold, a rich golden rum with soft vanilla, spice and oak notes; and
  • BACARDÍ 8 Años, a deep and mellow rum aged for a minimum of eight years